Wondering what you will LEARN at a FYFTT? Use this Teacher Training to design a life that makes you proud.  

Making an Impression

You want your teaching to make an impression with lasting benefits for your students. Learn how to teach with intent and focus.

Speaking Naturally

Find the voice of the teacher you truly are. Plus, we’ll teach you Breath Formula—how to project your voice without exhausting your voice—or your Spirit. 

Healing Tools

Become a master at your craft. We’ll give you the tools you need to sequence sublime classes that will help heal and inspire your students. .

Tuning in to Your Crowd

Great yoga teachers are in tune with their students. You’ll learn how to meet your students where they are—physically, emotionally, Spiritually—and teach in a way that truly resonates. 

Hands-on Assists 

You are trained to give compassionate, hands-on assists, that help your students breathe better, support their bodies better, enhance ther practice, and organically go deeper.

Advanced Asana

You don’t need a pro-level practice to create a class with advanced asana. We’ll show you how to build an advanced class, and how you can make challenging poses more accessible. 

Getting Feedback

To become an extraordinary teacher, you need to hear more than “you did great”. You’ll receive honest, helpful feedback that will help evolve and sky-rocket your teaching.

Handling Injuries

Exquisite touch and in-depth knowledge are key to helping your students live in a pain- free way. We’ll teach you how to work with injuries, and the power of good hands-on assists.