What to expect at a FYFTT

Enrolling in a yoga teacher training may come with lots of questions. Totally normal. Here’s what to expect...

  • Self-Inquiry. You may be surprised by how much time you spend thinking about yourself and your own practice as you prepare to teach yoga to others. This self-inquiry may be a welcome exercise, or it can bring up some troubling feelings that you've been ignoring. Fortunately, you are already equipped to deal with this challenge—trust that!
  • There are No Wrongs. You may want to shy away from what you are experiencing, but be aware of what you are going through. Remember—no matter what experience you’re having—it’s not a mistake. Life is conspiring that you come to this very moment and have this experience.
  • It’s a Full Process. In addition to the emotional and physical challenges, there are, of course, the intellectual ones. Teaching in front of others can be be a source of much anxiety, but try to contextualize it as just one form of practice, rather than a final statement on your teaching skills. We evaluate our students on many levels: through their mentor relationships and in-class participation, as well as their responses on their homework, and their attitude. It's about a process of learning the material over a period of time.
  • Our Full Support. We are not looking to fail you. If someone is accepted into our Forrest Yoga Teacher Training training, we are dedicated to helping them pass. If they’ve gotten to the point where they’ve applied, they've been accepted, and they’re committed to us—we’re committed to them, too.
  • A New Tribe. A Forrest Yoga Teacher training is not all testing and introspection. A wonderful part of the process is sharing the experience with like-minded yogis. Taking class all day, every day, with the same people, creates a closeness and a comfort level that you will not experienced anywhere else.
  • Prepare to be Transformed. Working closely with yogis from all walks of life and meeting the physical and mental demands of your training can be life-altering. But don’t worry if it takes time for you to fully absorb your experience. Your personal transformation may happen quickly or it may kick in as you become responsible for a classroom and introducing your students to Forrest yoga.
  • Who you are. A teacher training program will likely bring you closer to understanding who you are. The training process includes the nitty-gritty: modifying poses, dealing with special populations, creating sequences—but also leads you to the understanding of what it means to teach and live your yoga.  
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